Monday, June 16, 2008

honey lover

I should admit that there are many instances where I prefer to remain ignorant about the food that I am eating, so I had never really given the process of honey making much thought until recently.

I am a honey lover. I like it on my chicken, french fries, some vegetables, in tea, and I became a huge fan of the honey latte from Starbucks this spring. I'm not sure if I could give honey up, but the following snippet is making it a little easier.

"Bees suck nectar from flowers with their proboscis (mouth). The nectar mixes with saliva and is swallowed into the honey sac where enzymes from the saliva break down the nectar into honey. The nectar is never "digested," it is only transformed into honey by the saliva. Upon the bee's return to the hive, the honey is regurgitated, dried, and placed into the honeycomb. Beekeepers then extract millions of drops of honey from the cavities of the honeycomb by using a machine that applies centrifugal force to the comb." (


  1. Wow, I seriously don't know what to say, except I'm now going to put honey on everything I eat.

  2. Thank God for saliva, it does EVERYTHING from stimulating milk from a mother's breast so that her newborn can eat to preventing cavities on our teeth, which by the way, can be caused by honey...hmmmm...

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