Friday, May 28, 2010


I LOVE seeing my two little guys, Mitchell (almost three years old) and Landon (15 months) together. Their relationship is so sweet and getting more so by the day. They certainly have their "moments", but overall they get along so well and seeing how they love each other melts my heart everyday.

Landon wants to be just like his older brother. If Mitchell sneezes, Landon sneezes. If Mitchell is laughing, Landon laughs. If Mitchell decides it is more efficient to drink his applesauce, Landon does the same- you get the point.  I can relate; growing up I emulated my older sister (often this was endearing but sometimes, probably got to the point of annoying). We've since become best friends- she has forgiven me for all the times I wouldn't leave her alone, and I have forgiven her for such things as cutting my hair (thus causing me to cry) and dressing me in clothes from the Limited Too that got me in trouble at school.  

There have been times when I've thought it's too bad that I don't have two girls so that they can have the "sisters" bond that I have shared with my sister, but I have learned that the bond between brothers can be just as special. Here are two video clips of Mitchell and Landon playing together the other day.  They make me laugh every time...


  1. Erin,
    These video's and your blog really encompass "brotherhood".
    "WE did it"! coming out of Mitchell's mouth when they reached their goal has so much meaning. You and Jason have fostered this strong bond in these amazing young people and continue to shape their relationship with the same love and connection that you and Kelly have, and Jason and Chris have. You guys should be happy and proud of these little guys. I look forward with great anticipation to all the joy they will bring!!!

  2. Plastic ride'em car, $29.95. Two brothers getting along, priceless!

  3. I accidently left the anonymous comment...

  4. Your boys are adorable! I love the bond they share and how well they play together. Smart move having them so close in age! :)

    Also, may I compliment you on the cleanliness of your floors? They're gleaming. And your white kitchen floor is spotless. I hate you for that. haha! Go supermom Erin!


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