Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eric Carle Wall Clock

When I was in high school my parents bought me a book of Eric Carle tissue paper that can be used for making just about anything. I remember feeling so understood. I loved that they knew I would adore the book, using it for countless art projects. It has, however, been used sparingly (it's been over ten years!).
I don't want it to ever end...

Recently, Mitchell, Landon and I, decorated a plain wall clock using said tissue paper. The boys loved that they could rip the paper and glue it on; there wasn't much precision involved so they could easily help, and I could work on it while watching TV in the evening. Needless to say, we were happy with the end result. It did use up more of the precious paper than I would normally use on one project. But just look at Mitchell's smile:
The clock adds a touch of color to their barren walls. Plus, I can probably find more Eric Carle tissue paper, and if not- I'll make some!


  1. Sounds like a cool and fun project!! Where did they get that tissue paper??

  2. I heart Eric Carle (don't tell brandon!)

    That's a very cute project. Can't wait to see it in person.

  3. Kel- I'm not sure where they got the book, maybe in Maine?
    Rachel- Does Brandon not like Eric Carle?!

  4. Wow, found this by chance and thank you so much. It sounds like a good solution to my clock problem. Thanks once again!

  5. K, Thanks for checking out the blog, I'm glad the idea will work for you! Just about any tissue paper will do, it doesn't have to be Eric Carle :)


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