Tuesday, April 12, 2011

las flores

I am head-over-heels for this Springtime we are having. The weather has been simply delicious and I'm glad to see that even my northern peeps are getting a taste of it. The flowers in bloom here are gorgeous. I often have to force myself to keep my eyes on the road while driving and not simply stare out the window (don't worry, I've done a pretty good job at saving my wide-eyed gazes until I am in the passenger seat).

And now comes the sad part. I don't have any of this fabulousness in my own yard. There is one small branch of a blooming dogwood that I can see out my back porch, and I find myself sneaking a peek whenever I walk by.
I'm sure my days of flower planting will come soon enough. And maybe one day, I will have the weeping willow I've been dreaming of.

Anyway, while walking into one of my classes yesterday I saw some azeleas and thought "aaaah to have some of these in my yard, in my house..." and then one of my sweet, sweet students came in with some handpicked flowers from her Nana's house. My day was made.

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