Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Goings-On

Perhaps I was a little too harsh on old man winter in my last post. I humbly admit that there are some positive aspects to these cold, bitter months (I guess I should also confess that it was 70 something and sunny here today; December is treating us folks in the south very well). Despite the fact that we haven't had any snow dustings here, it's become clear that with winter comes - Christmas! I've quite liked all the Christmas preparations and goings-on. I've especially enjoyed:
Christmas stories
A visit from this little mouse. Isn't he the cutest?
Tree trimming
Fabric garland
Paper stars
Yarn trees
Sunny spot naps
and it's only December two!

Now that we're all decorated, we'll spend the rest of this month thinking of ways to show others how much we care for them through gifts and loving gestures. I suppose if with winter comes Christmas, it can't be all bad. I'm even hoping to see just a *little* bit of snow when we travel north for the Holidays. Like, a slight dusting on Christmas morning would be nice- as long as it's accompanied by a hot latte and good cheer. When this happens, winter and I can be friends, and I'll take back all those nasty things I said... 


  1. We're hoping for snow this year too. And, if it doesn't come, we'll be chasing it down for some snow tubing in NC! See you tomorrow =)

    1. Oh, tubing in NC sounds fun, will have to find out more about that!

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