Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Color Love Wall Decor

I spotted this zebra at Ikea and I couldn't stop thinking about it as I perused through the awesome, overwhelmingly fabulous home superstore.

Granted, I liked almost every display there, but there was something about this large print that I kept going back to. I considered it for my bedroom, but wasn't sure if it was too big, too wild? Luckily, I was there with some of my closest girlfriends who recognized my affection for the print and wouldn't let me leave without it. Suggestion: always go to Ikea with a group of fabulous friends, as much time as your head and budget can handle, and follow it with a trip to the mall and dinner at a restaurant afterward. You won't be disappointed.

So the photo is up in our bedroom and I love it BUT, it's is black and white, and the walls are white. I've been thinking that we needed to add some color into the mix. So I began with these 4 white canvases knowing that they were going to need some color love.

I started by painting them gray (this paint was left over from the gray barn wood that I used for the string heart).

But that just barely qualifies as colorful, eh? So I broke out this very wonderful paper stack and started cutting away. I used a spray adhesive to attach the paper to the canvas and I had a happy little flower-like number at the end.  

Something was still missing though, so I called on the one fiber that can pull me out of almost any crafting dilemma: jute! I used a glue gun to place jute around the border of each paper design and I was finally happy with the finished product.

And, I like the juxtaposition between colors and patterns in the room.

I'm satisfied with the room mostly, but I think it is missing a large, green, air-purifiying plant. Ikea actually had some great plant options that would have worked well, but we were totally, officially out of room in the vehicle. Ah yes, that's the other advice I have about Ikea. No worries that you may feel a wee bit "uncool", DON'T drive there in anything smaller than a mini-van. You will regret it.


  1. That is so pretty! I love it, and good luck.

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I love a gal who posts a comment ;)

  2. Oh, my, Erin! You made a quilt. You just made a quilt! You totally made a quilt!!! Ok, it's paper, but it's secretly a quilt.

    1. Hahah when I stepped back and looked at the project I thought "I think I just unintentionally made a quilt block?!"


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