Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Disney Trip

I would be remiss if I didn't write a quick bit about our recent family trip to Disney World. Our two day stint began at Animal Kingdom, where we got to see these beauties:

The entire park was like eye candy; I especially loved the Asian inspired section. Here, we caught a close up of the tigers: 

And explored all sorts of nooks and crannies. I really loved the architecture and the subtle colors of this section of the park. We took the opportunity to stage a mini family photo shoot. This shot being one of my faves.

I didn't get a picture, but the Lion King show was probably the highlight of the day for all of us. I loved the music, costumes, and energy of it all. We almost didn't even make it to the show as there's so much to see and do that we sort of just stumbled upon the last showing of the day, and I'm so glad we did.

Our second day, we went to Magic Kingdom.  It was my first time there and yes, I'll admit, it all felt a little magical. 

And crowded. We did a lot of hand holding and waiting in lines. We did manage to go on several rides though, the Buzz Lightyear ride might have been our family favorite...

Oh, but I can't forget the Teacups! I insisted we go on because to me, it seems a quintessential Disney experience. 

The three of us loved it. JD said he did too, he looked a little queasy to me though...

We didn't go on any of the major rides as not everyone in our party met the height requirement (That's really funny. No, I'm talking about myself). We do talk about going back one more time when the boys get older so they can experience the rides. But until then, I will look forward to our annual trip to Cape Cod. The beaching, biking, shopping, mini-golfing, whole-family-together-time is near and dear to my heart. As far as this Disney trip goes, it's the nuances of our family, like our rendition of the Simpson's inspired monorail song that we sang (a lot) during the weekend that I am most thankful for.


  1. I just love your blog. Whenever you post something new, I can't wait to read it and feast my eyes on the gorgeous pictures that accompany the words.

    1. Shelly, you have made my night- you have no idea. Thank you for the kind words!

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