Saturday, November 16, 2013

He Had Me at the Head Tilt

I was *about* to post a new blog entry this morning, but I needed just a few more shots of my subject, when Remy came in the room looking for something. He had been out back, and fed (side story, I spilled the new bag of dog food ALL over the floor this morning and the kind pup ate his breakfast just like that. He cleaned up most of the mess and now my floor has been washed?) and so we all knew that his whining indicated that he wanted to go for a walk. I asked him if he was upset that he wasn't having his picture taken and he gave me this face:

You guys! You know what I had to do, right? I put that camera right down and laced up the sneaks. Look at that head tilt, how could I not? We've since returned from the walk and I'd love to work on that other little post I mentioned, but there's yard work to be done. So this is for all of my fellow dog people out there, you are some of my favorite kind...



  1. Replies
    1. I love that you have a soft spot for Remy. Even after witnessing several of his shenanigans!

  2. woww nais dog ,,

  3. Awww he is so cute, dogs are just adorable and have such good personalities!!!

  4. Now that is a face one could never refuse. How do they manage to express themselves like that? That one is a keeper for sure!



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