Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day To-Do List

Last week, I divulged all some of my qualms with winter. In true New England fashion, yesterday we were hit with a storm that brought 10 (more) inches of snow. School was canceled before the snow even began, as the storm was inevitable.  Also of note, my husband was traveling for work and was scheduled to fly back yesterday (it was pretty obvious to us that his flight would be canceled).

I thought about sitting around in my PJ's all day doing nothing, and then I remembered my New Year's resolution: do more! As of late I've been a little bit of a time waster. For example, I'll click on the Yahoo news app and see a headline such as, "Loch Ness Monster Sighted off the Coast of Alaska" or "Snake Born With Two Heads", and I'm hooked. Or I'll read a Facebook post about the tuna sandwich that a friend's sister's cousin had for lunch, and I think "Who is this person, again?".  So today, I vowed not to waste time and I wrote a snow day to-do list:
And I'm happy to report between the boys and myself, we checked off most everything on the list.

                  We conducted some science experiments.
We ate things like this:
We made a sweet heart garland.
(tutorial courtesy of Stars & Sunshine)
And went out for a night ride.

Mitchell loved riding on this little snowboard. After a few rides down the hill he exclaimed, "I'm only six and I've already realized my dream!". On the to-do list for tomorrow: research snowboarding lessons.

And then, I found out that not only was JD's flight for yesterday canceled, but today's was canceled as well. This in and of itself is not a huge problem, but, Landon turns five tomorow. Wait, did I just say our little man turns five tomorrow!? Commence tears.

So naturally, Jay decided to hop in a rental car and follow the nor'easter up the coast so that he would, in fact, make it home last night. When he told me he was doing this, the snow was coming down (fast) and the winds were angry. I know, however, that he is a very competent driver and that there was no way he would miss his son's 5th birthday. He's awesome like that.

As he was driving through the storm, I realized that our road had been plowed, but our driveway had not. I bundled up, put on the outside lights (clock said 9 PM) and shoveled out a spot for his car. This wasn't actually too bad, but the berm was at least 2 feet high (don't worry, I had never heard that word either. It's the ledge of snow at the end of the driveway caused by a snow plow). And this proved to be tricky business.
I can't complain though, because after a short night's sleep, Jay woke up to go shovel the entire driveway (we have a looong driveway and the snow blower wasn't working). He continues to impress me every day, I hope he'll be my Valentine ;).

I can't promise every snow day will be productive as this one. But writing down my goals for the day proves to be useful for me, so I see more snow day to-do lists in my future. Take that, winter.


  1. Happy Birthday Landon!! Good on ya, Erin! I'll be needing to remember this next winter when I'm in snow shock and missing my Aussie summer weather!

  2. Laughing out loud at Mitchell realizing his dream. Oh, that's awesome! And your point about snowboarding lessons!!! Great to see a little list-making-love.

    as she glances at her list, which lives right beside the laptop...


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