Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wishing You and Yours a Merry Christmas!

Sometime in November Jason said, "We ought to order our Christmas cards soon". The procrastinator inside of me laughed. But I politely said that oh yes, soon enough I would be getting to the Christmas cards. And then the weeks kept passing and it was mid-December and I kept thinking that I really *should* order those cards, but the timing never truly worked out (that's the nice way to say that I just didn't get it done).

Then December came and Christmas was two weeks away, so I spent one Saturday morning working on them. It honestly took all morning to edit pictures, choose a card, work on a layout, etc. When I got to checkout I was given the option of having my card looked over by a professional from the company; someone could proofread my card and look for any errors.  I laughed yet again. I'm a language teacher, after all. I once was the advisor for a school newspaper where I was the editor-in-chief.  I certainly didn't need someone to edit my Christmas card for me. 

I was ready to order, but when I went to the final stage of checkout, I saw that my cards would arrive sometime between December 21st and December 24th.  I didn't have time for that!  So I (quickly) made another card at a store that had one hour pick-up.  Perfection.
It was all coming together, even though I didn't order them in November or have them proof read by a professional. I was in the Christmas spirit for sure.

Then I picked up my cards a few hours later.  I gave them a nod of approval, I was feeling pretty spiffy. Until I looked a little closer and realized that I had just wished everyone a Merry Chritmas. I spelled "Christmas" wrong - of ALL the words! I guess I shouldn't have scoffed at the idea of having them proofread.
I thought maybe I would send them anyway, hoping no one would notice.  Or I could fix them up, I've got paper and glue sticks galore. But I didn't do either- I'm still the proud humble owner of 80 misspelled Christmas cards.

All of this to say....

We are certainly thinking of our friends and family this Christmas season, even though our card didn't reach you.  We hold you close to our hearts, especially those who have had a year of heartache.  We pray for peace for those who are hurting, and joy to fill your hearts in 2016.
Much love to all of you whom we hold dear.
XOXO Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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