Monday, January 14, 2008

Missing SC

I thought I should write a tribute to South Carolina. After living there for two years, I now have a greater appreciation for southern living and some of the great people we met there. Here are just a few of the things I miss about SC:

-Filson Bluff and the great neighbors we had there. I miss our walks around the loop and life on the end of the cul-de-sac.
-wearing cropped pants and sandals until November and letting my big winter jacket collect dust in the closet since the weather there is amazing all year round.
-eating cinnamon ice cream with m&m's from Marble slab (at least once a week)
- Enjoying brownies and Idol with the Dickson family and playing with Owen, Noah and Hannah
-Eastlake community church and the friends we met there
-playing a game of Yuker with Adam and Angela after another great meal
-going to the duck pond with Remy
-Panera lunch dates with Marie Claude (2nd block prep was the best...)
-Irmo High and the good laughs I had with some of the best students ever
-Charles- the cashier from Publix who was the most genuine and nice employee Jason and I have ever encountered.
-BBQ ribs and chicken wings that easily knocked a northerners socks off
-Friday walks at the Congaree
-trips to Charleston where the horse and carriage rides never got old
-hanging out with JD in our first house, talking about all the things we were enjoying about life in SC (many of which are mentioned above...and some of which we have yet to discover)


  1. My sister DD just visited Charleston for work and loved it. I'm so intrigued by the Carolinas...I'll have to make a trip there someday!

  2. Erin

    I love the Blog!!!! We miss you here in SC. We are up for a game of yuker and dinner anytime you want.

    Write more later,


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