Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The moose story

Today Remy and I were taking a walk at Moore State Park and there wasn't anyone else around. It was totally quiet and peaceful; the trees were blanketed in snow and the waterfall was being powered by a loud rush of water that created a song you might hear on one of those CD's comprised of songs heard in nature. And as we were walking I wondered what I would do if I saw a bear. Remy would surely chase it. He's been known to go after animals that he's no contest for, like skunks and deer. Once he went after a baby otter and the mother almost took his head off.

Would I try to run from the bear? Would I hide, or maybe play dead? I have no idea... but then I was reminded of the time I was driving on Rt. 31 in Holden and I saw two moose (or is it meese?). They came out of nowhere and gingerly crossed the road as if it were totally normal for them to be doing so. I was awestruck and really glad I hit my brakes when I did.

I've proudly told the moose story to all sorts of people. I hold onto it like a badge and take it out whenever the timing seems right. I wish I had taken a picture of it so I could remember it more clearly, but I think I'll just blog about it so that it can live in my memory (and yours) forever. Or at least until the day the internet gets overcrowded because of people writing pointless stories like the time they got chased by a bear...

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