Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Perfect Job

When I was in high school, I had the perfect job. I worked for a man named Bob who owned a gourmet food distributing company. I was referred to him by my computer teacher, Mr. Lucier. It was in his class that I successfully typed 53 wpm, without using the home row. I did data entry for the company that he ran out of his home after school and on weekends. I generally worked 8-10 hrs. per week and I made $8/hr. I made up my own schedule and went in when it was convenient for me. Bob was a really nice guy; I saw him at a restaurant a couple of years ago and he bought my friends and I a round of drinks. He was a great boss.

Two summers ago I had my second opportunity at what I would consider the perfect job (I consider teaching to be a career and not a job, so that doesn't really count). I worked at the Splash Pad at the YMCA in SC checking in members. I sat at a picnic table outside the park with a tent and a fan and smiled as the guests scanned their cards. The summer heat could be brutal, but I would stroll on over to the water for refreshment and then continue reading whatever book I was in the middle of.

The other day I thought I had found my third opportunity to have the perfect job (I am currently looking for part time work a few nights a week and one weekend day). I saw an add in the paper that a park in Worcester was looking for an "appointment setter". The description was vague, but I thought that setting appointments sounded like a very nice job and a park would be a great place to work. So I called to set up a time to meet with the manager. "Oh yes, I'm very familiar with the park" I told him on the phone, because I didn't want to sound ignorant. After our conversation I proceeded to google the park name and up came the web page.

This is when I discovered that the park was actually a cemetery.
I nervously called both Kelly and Jay who convinced me to call back and get a little more information before going to the meeting we had set up for the following day. This is when I found out that my perfect job consisted of calling people (from the "park" at night mind you) who had already purchased plots, in order to set up appointments for them to visit the park for new information.

I decided to cancel the meeting and I hung up the phone, realizing that my third attempt at the perfect job was unsuccessful. I'm hopeful though. I have been pretty lucky so far and I think I can still type 53 wpm, which must impress someone out there....right?

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