Wednesday, January 23, 2008

6 month well

Today Mitchell had his 6 month well visit with his pediatrician. He weighed in at 18lbs. 10 oz. and he's 26 inches long. I was relieved to find that he's in the 50th % for height, because it's no secret that one of his parents is a little on the short side (I told Jay he shouldn't be self conscious about it though, a lot of guys aren't 6 ft.)... Doc said everything looks great and we can begin to give him meats now rather than just fruits and veggies, although I'm not sure he'll like anything more than he likes his sweet peas. We also had to get some vaccinations this month, which always worries me because of the bad rap they've gotten. But, his doctor assures me that they are necessary and safe for my boy. I did make sure that he only received vaccines that were mercury free, which gave me some peace of mind.
All in all, it was a good visit and our sweet pea continues to do very well!


  1. Hooray for Meat! Way to go Mitchell!

  2. Mi nieto va a ser grande y fuerte; Dios lo bendiga!

  3. He's getting so big! I love the does he manage to look so happy even while at the doctor's? :-)

  4. We keep on waiting, waiting, waiting on Erin's next blog


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