Saturday, February 2, 2008

call me out

My anonymous friend requested a blog and I'm glad you did because I have been meaning to write one. I guess I have this problem where I tend to put things off for a day or two ("para mañana" as the Spanish say) and then time passes and it seems like it's too late. This seems to happen to me especially when it comes to returning calls or emails (perhaps it's the Spanish in me).

I'm actually not sure exactly what it is, but once the moment has passed I sometimes feel as though I have missed the opportunity, and that now I can't answer the voicemail or email because it's been too long. Even though I really want to. Does this ever happen to you?

So I want to call yall back, I really do, but I've missed the window. So please call me and leave another voicemail because this time I'm going to return your call before the moment escapes. Go ahead and make the call and if I don't call you back you have my permission to leave a comment on my blog for everyone to see. Hasta mañana.


  1. your anonymous friend thanks you for the blog. she just wanted to hear you say "Hey Ohh" since it had been a while since your last writing. just a thought to encourage is never too late to return a call or e-mail, in the words of Micheal Jordan or maybe it is Nike, Just Do It!

  2. ...and I thought you just didn't like me anymore. I'm glad to know that you are just like the rest of us.
    Well I will vow to still call even if the window has 'passed'. Miss you!


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