Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who Needs Sleep?

If you know me well, you know that I like my sleep. I've been called a narcoleptic on more than one occasion, but really, I just happen to be quite good at falling asleep. I've been known to close my eyes and be out within thirty seconds, no lie.

I'm not one of those people who can sleep in until two PM, or even noon, on a Saturday. But I do (did) love waking up around nine, taking the Rem dog for a walk, having breakfast, and then falling back asleep until...whenever.

I'm a great napper too. Not one of those who should avoid naps for fear of waking up too groggy afterwards. Whether it's one of those twenty minute power naps, or a synapse-connecting three hour nap, I can bounce back in a matter of minutes.

In high school my mother would frequently try to get ahold of me at Kayleen's house, where I'd be many afternoons, and whoever answered the phone would let her know I was sleeping again.  But who could blame me? They had the most plush, welcoming, white leather couches in the world. I still think about those couches.

Avi used to get frustrated because we would spend a considerable amount of time picking out the perfect movie for our sleepover, she would leave the room to grab blankets and popcorn, and upon returning I would already be asleep. Sometimes though, I made it to the opening scene.

Once when we were in college, I stopped in Ally's room for a visit. She wasn't there at the time, so I laid down on the futon just for a minute, assuming she would be back soon. Fifteen minutes later she retuned from the shower and entered the room.  I awoke suddenly and sat up quickly, wondering where I was and how long I had been there, which scared the hell out of her.

I've been known to sleep a good twelve hours, and not even when I'm sick. I know most people are only supposed to need eight hours of sleep, but I'm convinced I need more than the average person.
I have a few more good stories about sleep, but this could go on for a long time. I'm sorry if I exhausted the subject (yes, that pun was most definatly intended). I'm only reminiscing because in six months, I haven't had one full night of sleep. But you know what, it doesn't bother me all that much. All he has to do is give me one of those big gummy smiles at four AM, and I forget that I ever cared about sleep at all...


  1. My theory Erin, is that all of those lengthy naps and full nights of sleep that make others envy you - we're all in preparation for this season that you are in : )You were storing up sleep like a chipmunk stores nuts for the winter!! Jed started sleeping threw the night at 6 months. Hang in there - there is sleep at the end of the tunnel! love ya!

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  3. My personal favorite sleep story is when i stole your car without a license bc i wanted an iced coffee so bad and you wouldn't wake up (off my bed at 4 pm mind you) to take us to get one!!! Oh how i loved that 10 minutes of freedom in the silver bullet!! Thanks for that :)

  4. Ok... I can't be reading these at work because I am laughing out loud at each of your blogs. :D


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