Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cell Phone Woes

I seem to have bad luck when it comes to cell phones. Last week, I put my cell phone through the wash and it is no longer working as a result. So, Jason and I dug up an old (it's ancient) cell phone, and hooked my number up to it. That was a good temporary solution to my cell phone woe, except that I didn't have any of my numbers programmed into it, they were all of Jason's old contacts (thanks to cell phones I have a total of three people's number's memorized...). The other day, Mitchell was playing with the new old cellphone (probably wondering why it looked so big) and he put it on manner mode, so I couldn't hear it when it rang. While trying to fix that, we accidentally locked the phone (and when I say we, I mean Jason) and have no clue what the code to unlock it is. Now that it's locked, it is useless to me. So, I know this all seems rather trivial, and it is. But my whole reason for writing is to let you know why I haven't returned your call or message. You did call, right??

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  1. Wow Erin, that really made me laugh. Thanks for that.


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