Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Smile, it's 2009!

Clearly, I have not been a faithful blogger lately. However, I think I would be breaking even more blogging mores if I didn't close out 2008 with a quick year-end update and highlight some of my goals for 2009...

2008 was eventful, emotional, a bit stressful, but also exciting for us. The best part, as you can probably tell from the pictures and videos we have posted, was watching Mitchell grow while enjoying parenthood immensely. The stressful part was having to move a few times, and still waiting to sell our home in SC (I am quite hopeful that we will have a closing date in 2009 :). The more significant emotional events were the losses of my grandmother Shirley and Jason's grandfather Cosmo. There were some difficult months as a result, but how lucky we both are not only to have spent their last days with them, but to also have so many wonderful memories that we talk about often, and that we will share with our family for years to come.

Our Christmas this year was wonderful. It was great to watch Mitchell enjoy all of his gifts, his favorite one being his new guitar from Auntie Sue and Uncle Tony. We are still having fun with all his new toys and we are especially grateful to have been able to spend wonderful time with our families.

And that brings me to 2009. We are looking forward to welcoming Cameron into the world and living out the year ahead as a family of four (plus Remy!). I have several goals besides keeping my eyes open despite the sleepless nights...They include: being more creative with free time (will I have free time?), keeping in touch better (yes, yes, this was one of my goals for 2008), finding ways to volunteer, and continuing to read and learn more about keeping our family healthy (physically, spiritually and emotionally). I might not be great at updating about all of these things, but I will be posting pictures and maybe sharing a few stories here and there. Maybe I'll even find time to write a few humorous posts now and then, I'd love to make you smile in 2009.

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  1. Erin

    I look forward to your blog's in
    '09. I am sure you will have a little free time, not much, but a little.



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