Saturday, February 14, 2009

any day now...

For about four weeks we've been telling y'all that the baby "will be here any day now". Well apparently we were off about how soon this little guy would make his appearance. With Mitchell arriving at 35 weeks, we (along with the doctor) assumed that baby number two would also be early. Besides the history, I've also had a couple of false alarms that led me to beleive that he was on his way. Well,he's not here yet, but he will be soon (this time we mean it b/c my due date is fast approaching and surley this belly can not get much bigger than it is now...).

We also wanted to let you know that though we originally told you that this little one would be named "Cameron" we've changed our minds and have chosen a new name. Sorry if we've thrown you for a loop, but we love the new name and we'll let you know what it is as soon as the big day comes!


  1. Well, this little guy is just keeping you guys guessing already! Best wishes for everything to go smoothly whenever he does decide to make his grand entrance! Can't wait to hear what his name is & hear what Mitchell thinks of his new baby brother!

  2. Any day now is right; I hear that he's here!! Congrats to all of you and can't wait to find out the name you've chosen :)


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