Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Landon!

I really can't believe that Landon is about to turn one this week! It seems like just yesterday I was writing about his arrival and the worst toothache I've ever had...

In honor of his birthday I'll tell you a little bit about him and how he has changed our family over this past year. From the start he has always been a sweet heart, our little buddy, and a tough guy. He is generally happy to join along is whatever is taking place (although early on he wasn't a big fan of sleep, but I can say that he is offically sleeping through the night, and so are we!). He is easy going and anxious to join in the family fun, epsecially if it's wrestling with Jason and his big brother, Mitchell. He loves watching Mitchell play and interact with others, and he lets us know that if we give something to Mitchell, he wants one too. They really get along quite beautifully (save a few moments when they both want the same toy, drink, etc.) Some of my favorite moments are in the morning after breakfast- I'll finish my coffee (probably on to the second cup at this point) and the boys will play with their toys and talk and sing. It's too sweet, and I want to remember those moments forever.

Landon loves to dance, gaze at lights (as do most babies, but he seems especially into them- he can do the sign, and 'light' was his first word after 'dada' and 'mama'). He loves slides, playing with his cousin Brody, eating (as long as it's not 'baby' food), and especially loves spending time with our family- they light up his face and cause him to smile the biggest, cuest smile you will ever see!
As you'll see in the photos below, Landon is just the cutest little guy. We love having him around and couldn't imagine life without him. We are so so thankful for him and can't wait to continue to watch him grow!


  1. Landon is so sweet! I can't believe he is one. He has gotten so handson since Thanksgiving, he is looking like a little boy and not so much baby.

    The A's
    Adam, Angela, & Abby

  2. He was such a gorgeous infant, Erin, and has grown to be such a handsome little man! You both are amazing parents, keep up the good work, and enjoy every moment.

  3. oh this one was a tear jerker for sure!


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