Monday, January 17, 2011

Comfort and Joy

I am a sporadic blogger, your pardon is appreciated though :) I do have more recipes and thoughts to share with you in 2011, so keep coming back, ok? I'll start the year of by sharing some photos from our Christmas season. I feel blessed that it was marked by comfort and joy. We spent our time creating...
 tender moments
 handmade bows
                                                                gifts from the heart
                                                               family memories
                                             oh, and a little visit with Santy


  1. For the record. . .I love your sporadic blog posts and wait patiently, never disappointed. Miss you guys!

  2. I think you did such a fabulous job on the homemade bows!! they are adorable!
    I wish you & your family a wonderful New Year!!!
    :) :)

  3. I LOVE This post Erin!!! Keep it up girly :)

    P.S - I love that Santa too (although I tend to call him puppa :) hehe)


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