Saturday, May 28, 2011

rainy morning discoveries

We had an intense rain storm the other evening (I actually felt the house shake with the thunder, and it caused a car alarm to go off). In the wake of the tornadoes that have happened recently it was nerve racking, but we were quite lucky, and no damage was done. It did, however, leave our yard a somewhat muddy mess in the back, which is never fun for taking Remy out in the morning. And then the boys wanted to come with. "". That was my response when I thought about taking them out in the wet mess, when breakfast hadn't even been made and there was not (yet) a spot on their clothing. But they realllly wanted to come AND they put their shoes on without help."OK, come on" (in that "I-just-gave-in" tone).

And that's when we made some rainy morning discoveries.

 a friendly turtle

a nervous millipede
a pair of delicate blue eggs

And our morning was made. We had plenty to discuss over pancakes, and no one came inside a muddy mess- definitely worth it.


  1. These are the beautiful moments that life is made of and that remain in the memory - even in only the unconscious - of the little people, making them whole.. you made my day Erin.. love you all very much!!

  2. completely awesome! We've been finding lots of turtles lately. They're so fun. One of them was a huge, ugly "alligator turtle". Yeah, that one was scary.

  3. Oh wow! That's awesome! I can't believe you guys found all of that stuff! Dad will be proud, think back to the days of Howe State Park :)


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