Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Very Marley Christmas

I had to share this sweet moment with you.

My neighbor asked me to watch her daughter for a bit the other day. I knew the boys would be elated because they love playing with her. When she arrived, instead of their usual routine of running laps around the house, they crawled up on the couch to read a book that Olivia had brought with her. My first thought was that I could finish cleaning the kitchen and get a head start on dinner (yeah for being productive!), but when I heard her reading, I just stopped.

She read the book to them so carefully, doing the different characters' voices WAY better than I would have. It was so sweet the way that they hung on every word, and how she stopped to explain things like "Don't touch Christmas lights, it's electricity and you can get shocked, like lightning." or "Do you know what a toboggan is? It's a sled. Do you remember when I let you borrow my sled last winter?". At seven years old, she had so much to teach them, and they soaked it all in.

I did too. So much so, that I forgot about getting dinner started. Luckily it was just grilled pizza. Wait, did I say "just grilled pizza"? So not appropriate, as we had something new: baked potato pizza. I think I'll make it again for company this weekend (not just any company- sister and my sweet, baby niece!!). Maybe we'll snap a picture to share before it's gone. Perhaps, we won't have the chance.


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