Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer veggies

On the heels of my last post, we have had an abundance of summer veggies over here that we have been loving. One of our favorite meals came accidentally last night when I threw a whole bunch of veggies into a bowl and added a little ranch. I also realized it was high time to start using some of the summer squash (his friend, the zucchini, was long gone and happily abiding in our zucchini bread).

For the salad, (I'm sharing this because I love salads but often have a mental block about what to add to them):

 Start with a spinach, and red leaf lettuce mix (or whatever suits your fancy)
Add: tomatoes, cucumbers (peeled, chopped into small cubes), banana peppers, fresh corn, dried cranberries, grilled chicken, and feta. Um... YUM!

For the summer squash ( I can't believe I used to consider summer squash my least favorite vegetables. Rutabaga, cabbage and mustard greens now each top that list. Not everything in our vegetable box is deletable- I'm just happy I discovered that you can add beets to chocolate cake :). Oh sorry, the squash:
Cut squash lengthwise, put cut side down on lightly greased tinfoil. Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Add some fresh herbs if you have them (parsley, oregano or basil would work). Place on preheated grill for 25 minutes. Open foil and top with some feta.

I know what you're thinking, "It's not fair to put feta on the dishes and call them great, feta makes everything taste amazing." Well, that's true. I used the feta because we had it, but these dishes would still be fabulous without it!

Post Script- Add the feta.

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  1. OH! That sounds sooo delicious! I’m defiantly going to have to try that. You know, I'm going to school to be a culinary artist and that looks like something I’ve seen in the 'beginner-intermediate' section of my text book. Anyway, you’re amazing! :D


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